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Are you searching for dog obedience training in Atlanta, Georgia? You have come to the right place! We provide professional dog training services in Atlanta, Alpharetta and the surrounding Metro areas.  Our dog and puppy training classes will help you get the most out of the relationship you have with your dog.

Can we train your dog? The answer is yes! We train any dog regardless of breed, age, or size!

Read below to learn more about our adult and puppy dog training programs. For more information, contact us today.

Heroes Appreciation Discount!

Ask about our "Heroes Appreciation Discount" available to all Police, Rescue, Military, Educators, and Firefighters.

Immersion Board and Train Program

Immersion Board and Train

Have you always wanted a dog that everyone could enjoy? One that consistently responds to the commands of your entire family, regardless of distractions and can go anywhere with you! Now imagine having the work done for you to attain that super dog. Our Sit Means Sit Atlanta immersion graduates enjoy these benefits and more by having their dog trained by a certified professional trainer, all while they are busy at work or enjoying a long overdue vacation.

The board & train immersion program is perfect for the busy individual or active family who wants to be involved with their dog’s training but simply lacks to time to dedicate to the initial instruction and training. Your dog will come home happy and under control, listening to your every command, even with real world distractions, and you , the owner, will learn how to maintain your dog’s new skill set with our “Leadership Transfer” lessons.   Do you want more information on creating the super dog of your dreams? It all starts with a Free consultation.

Board and Review

Board and Review

Are you planning a vacation? Many people don’t think about what they are going to do with their dog when they go away. If your dog has completed a Sit Means Sit private or group program, you can take advantage of our Board and Review training!

While you’re away, we will board your dog and make sure that they have a vacation of their own! They can partake in playtime, exercise sessions, and field trips around town. Your dog will always be under supervision with our certified professional trainers. When we aren’t out playing, we will fine-tune your dog’s training while you’re away. Training sessions will help keep your dog’s training fresh until you come back! At Sit Means Sit Atlanta, we want our clients to feel assured that their dog is getting the best care while they’re away.

Have any questions? Want to learn more? Give us a call or contact us today for a free consultation!

Puppy Management

Puppy Management

The first 20 weeks of your puppy’s life is the best time to help shape a well-mannered dog. If they are able to learn social skills early on, you and your dog will be off to a great start together! We offer a combination of private lessons and group socialization classes to ensure that your puppy is getting the best of both worlds. It’s important that you have a strong bond with your dog, but it is equally important that your dog is social with other people and dogs. Everyone wants a well-mannered puppy that is house trained, friendly, and outgoing. Using a combo of both private and group sessions, we cover basic house breaking to ensure that your new puppy is potty trained quickly. We will also cover play biting and other behaviors that young puppies think is fun, but is frowned upon by people and older dogs. Some puppies can be timid and shy. We want to make sure that all dogs are comfortable and confident with their surroundings and will go over exercises that focus on environmental and object socialization. It all begins with your free consultation.

Small Group Classes

Small Group Classes

Sit Means Sit Atlanta’s small group classes are designed for families that want to be involved with their dog’s training and want to benefit from group socialization. Unlike private lessons, group classes allow you and your dog to work around other dogs and people. It is important that your dog can function and follow commands in a busy, distracting environment. Our group classes are still kept small enough so you and your dog get the one on one attention from our trainers without getting lost in a large group. Your dog will still be able to learn around distractions, but they won’t be overwhelmed by a large group of people and dogs. We offer 2 types of small group classes. Puppy Pre-School for dogs 5 months and younger, and Basic Obedience for dogs over 5 months. Both classes cover important topics like house breaking and basic commands. A well-mannered, positive reinforced dog is a happy dog! And if your dog is happy and confident, you will be too.

Private Lessons

Private Lessons

Are you the hands-on type that wants to be directly involved in training your dog? If so then this is the program for you! From start-to-finish, our private dog training lesson(s) will teach you how to effectively train your dog. Here are a few benefits our private dog training lessons:

100% Attention: it is just you, your trainer, and your dog. No other clients or dogs around to distract you.

Tailored for You & Your Dog: Unlike boilerplate group class lessons, our trainer will develop a training program based on your dog’s personality, size, and demeanor.

Flexible Schedule: private lessons can be held at our facility or at your home, work, or other location of choice. Even better, we are willing to work around your schedule even if that means evening or weekend appointments.

Specific Goals: you tell us want you want to see your dog achieve and we will create specific goals to meet.

Get started today by calling us for your FREE consultation.

Advanced and Specialty Dog Training Classes

Advanced and Specialty Classes

Take your dog’s training to the next level with our advanced and specialty classes! These are available exclusively to clients who have gone through our private lesson or immersion programs. These unlimited attendance classes are incredibly popular with our clients and include:

Advanced Off-Leash Obedience Class: Teach your dog to be off leash through the neighborhood, around town, and while visiting your favorite dog friendly shops.

Dog Tricks 101 & 201: Learn unique, fun and impressive tricks like high five, shake, reverse walking up the stairs, and spread ‘em (a client favorite)!

Park Etiquette Class: Teach your dog how to behave while out at the parks.

The Trained Retrieve: Your dog will learn to bring you anything you request of him or her, whether you’re hunting, doing service work, or just wanting your slippers and the newspaper!

Ready to get started? Contact us today for your free training consultation!

Lunch and Learn Programs

Lunch and Learn Programs

Do you work for a veterinary clinic, groomer, or boarding kennel? Do you and your staff love working with dogs and learning about new training methods? Come out to Sit Means Sit Atlanta and take part in our Lunch and Learn Program. Lunch is on us! Our professionally trained staff will teach you tips and tricks for dog training. We will also cover bite prevention and canine behavioral problems. We believe that positive, attention-reward based training is the best training method for dogs and owners. We would love to introduce ourselves and our dogs while we share the latest scientifically proven methods while providing some fun entertainment!



A calm, obedient dog is a happy dog! We love sharing our knowledge of reward based dog training and would love to have the opportunity to talk to your group! Our staff will get together with your group, training club, or pet store to talk about a wide range of training topics. We will cover our reward based training program and why we think positive reinforcement is one of the most effective methods. We will also go over using remote training collars for motivation, retrieving, basic & advanced obedience, bite prevention in schools, and general dog tricks.

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  1. Darin Shepherd
    Darin Shepherd
  2. Chris Laseter
    Chris Laseter
  3. Jessie Bohanan
    Jessie Bohanan

Darin Shepherd Owner

With over a decade of experience, Darin is a renowned certified professional dog trainer based in Atlanta, GA. Darin’s passion for training came at a young age when he would shadow his Grandfather while he would train horses and dog’s at his Uncle’s Veterinary clinic.

Today, Darin is the Owner and Operator of one of Atlanta’s top dog obedience and behavioral training companies; often focusing on the extreme cases or last resort dogs. Darin has trained dogs for pet owners, competitive sport trainers, search and rescue teams, police K9, the U.S. Air Force and the U.S. Customs.

Darin believes that no dog is “too far gone” that it cannot benefit from training. It is his mission to help solve these problems one dog at a time.

Darin is an AKC Canine Good Citizen Evaluator #71553

  • Georgia State University
  • Sit Means Sit Dog Trainers School
  • National K9 School for Dog Trainers
  • No Limitations School for Remote Collar Training
  • Remote Collar Specialist
  • Basic and Advanced Obedience
  • Breed Identification
  • Tracking
  • Personal Protection
  • Police K-9
  • Scent Detection
  • Utility
  • Puppy Development
  • Assistance Dog
  • Retrieval

Chris Laseter Training Director

A native of Douglasville, Chris started his career as a school teacher and coach. Today, he is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer with over a decade of experience with Sit Means Sit. He is frequently requested to teach at many dog training seminars across the county and in 2015 he was voted one of the Best Trainers in the Sit Means Sit Organization by his peers.

Given his passion for dogs and his gift of instruction, he made an easy transition into teaching dogs and their owners. While he spends most of his time with obedience and manners, he loves teaching retriever and scent detection work.

  • State University of West Georgia
  • Sit Means Sit Dog Trainers School
  • National K9 School for Dog Trainers
  • No Limitations School for Remote Collar Training
  • Remote Collar Specialist
  • Basic and Advanced Obedience
  • Breed Identification
  • Tracking
  • Personal Protection
  • Police K-9
  • Scent Detection
  • Utility
  • Puppy Development
  • Assistance Dog and Retrieval
  • Pet Tech Instructor #1530
  • AKC Canine Good Citizen Evaluator #37060.

Jessie Bohanan Trainer

Jessie grew up in Douglasville and graduated from Alexander High School in 2008. Jessie’s love for animals started at an early age. She never met a dog or cat that did not instantly become her best friend. Jessie started her training career by volunteering at local animal rescue groups. She would foster all breeds of dogs and help teach them how to be good family members in their new homes. She has helped rehabilitate countless dogs for the rescue that otherwise may have not found homes.

Jessie came to us in 2013 as a Client when she knew she needed a little more guidance with her new dog Chuma. With Chuma being a huge Mastiff Mix and Jessie being 5’2 she had her work cut out for her! We immediately noticed her talent and passion for training, as well as how quickly she bonded with other dogs we had here at the shop. We knew Jessie needed to be part of our team and offered her the position of being a trainer. She quickly worked her way up to being our Head Immersion Trainer and has never looked back!


Take a moment to read some of the success stories of our happy customers!

I just wanted to share my gratitude to Darin and Chris for all their help with my border collie, Kiara. Ever since she was a puppy, she had always been very skittish and insecure when she was around anyone other than me. Kiara was especially uncomfortable around all men, including my husband! His job requires him to work out of town regularly. Each time he would return home, she would instantly begin to bark and growl, then run to hide from him. She would act as if she had never seen him before! At times, she would even urinate herself out of shear terror of having to be near him or anyone other than me, alone. She was totally antisocial around others and seemed to get worse with each passing day. A few people started referring to her as “Theresa’s crazy dog!” This was so frustrating because I knew what a sweetheart she was when it was just the two of us together.

I was almost ready to give up and just force myself to accept the fact that Kiara was always going to be this way. That’s when I heard about Sit Means Sit and the amazing results Darin and Chris were achieving with problem pets. I took Kiara to them and began to notice a drastic change in her behavior, almost immediately. She was so much more at ease around everyone she came in contact with! It was amazing!

We constantly have people in and out of our home for one reason or another. Whereas before this would always lead to chaos, these days it is a much different story! We still work with Kiara every day to reinforce the positive things she has learned. More importantly, I am learning how to keep her progress moving forward through the training classes that we take together each week. Kiara is a comfortable member of the family now and is a pleasure to be around, no matter who else might be in the room! All the credit for this goes to Darin and Chris at Sit Means Sit.

You guys truly are dog whisperers!
Theresa Tritt

I wanted to send a follow up email to let you know how Beau has progressed since his board and train sessions with you guys. If you recall Beau was the Rottweiler that was just under a year old when we brought him to you around Thanksgiving of last year (It was Cindy, daughter Olivia and myself. The transformation has been unbelievable. I rarely walk him with a leash and when I do it is because he is so big and menacing looking that I want people to feel at ease as we pass. I have some video’s of him; with the most telling being my 3 1/2 year old daughter, Olivia, walking Beau around our neighborhood on leash. She jogs, turns, runs plays and he maintains a heal the entire time. She gives the heal command, sit command…all of the time he obeys with out question. The most impressive part: This is a 35 pound child commanding a 140 pound Rottweiler. He has not lost 1 ounce of his lovable and playful nature and training has allowed him to become closer to our family (we don’t travel without him.) As I type this I am in my office with big Beau laying under my feel. I took your advice and continued to be patient, firm and consistent with the training and my wife did the same (to a lesser extent, it is her nature to be less militant with the training.) There is not a day that goes by that I do not marvel at his obedience and loyalty. I took him to the dog park yesterday and as he was playing a dog fight broke out. All it took was a command and he had left the pile of fighting dogs and was sitting at my feet watching the other dogs attack one another. The other owners looked at him in amazement.

Good job guys. Thank you for your help.

Feel free to pass this along to anyone who is on the fence about the training or wants a referral. I hope people realize that the collar, commands and training make a better dog, not a defeated one.

Rane W. Robinson

I have said it before but I will say it again, without you we would not have been able to keep our dog Grayce.  She was a rescue and had apparently been abused.  She was very aggressive towards people and tried to kill Darin when they first met.  Now she is a loving dog who wants only to be petted.  The change is remarkable.  She owes her happy home and life to Darin and Chris and the great training of Sit Means Sit.  The Douglas County Humane Society even wants to do a success story on Grayce.

Paige McKelvey and “Grayce”

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